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Deluxe set - 3D sign CAPRICORN - glass ball 100 mm

Sign in the sphere+stand+gloves+gift box




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CAPRICORN (22.12.-20.1.)

You will find in this Deluxe set: glass sphere dia. 100 mm with 3D sign, wooden triangular stand (you can choose the colour), white cotton gloves for handling with the sphere.

This beautiful sphere is safely packed in Deluxe gift box for the safe transport.

Wooden stand has 3 little feet made of glass balls.

Please, write the required surface of the wood as a note in the order :

- natural beech
- black

- brown aged

- brown mahogany

Types of glass balls for the little feet.

Please, write the required type of glass ball as a note in the order :

- black
- rain bow
- clear


The technology of 3D laser engraving into glass sphere is unique.