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About us

Company Glasstech, l.t.d . is the entrepreneur of e-shop www.glass-laser.com.

GLASSTECH Company was established 18.1.1996 and is located in Zelezný Brod – in the heart of the glass industry.

Besides machinery production, the company offers semi-finished products made of optical glass. The glass material is available in various shapes and it is suitable for sand blasting, surface engraving and laser engraving.

Nowadays we operate 2D and 3D laser machinery, so we can satisfy our customer’s inquiries and needs. We prepare designs for various ccasions such as sport events, tournaments, promo actions, anniversaries or just for your happiness.


We also produce glass sport trophies, plaques, technical products with signs and logos or souvenirs.

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


2D fotografie ve skleněném bloku3D obrázek do skleněné krychle2D nápis ve skleněné kouli na kovaném stojánkuMotýl v křišťálové kouli2D logo ve skleněném kvádru3D portrét ve skleněné krychliLaser 2D ve skleněné krychli2D logo laserované ve skleněné krychli3D objekt a 2D logo v plochém skleněném těžítku3D objekt a 2D nápis laserovaný ve skleněném kvádru2D logo laserované ve skleněné krychli3D obrázek ve skleněné pyramidě3D obrázek laserovaný ve skleněném hranolu3D portrét laserovaný ve speciálním skleněném polotovaru2D obrázek laserovaný ve skleněném hranolu